07/07/15: Maggots in the Moonlight is OFFICIALLY OUT! Check out my store to pick up your copy of the LIMITED FIRST EDITION PRESS! For those of you that like Kindle ebooks, there is a free Kindle download here until Saturday 07/11/15!

07/02/15: Five days until my first book "Maggots in the Moonlight" comes out! If you're on my mailing list, you'll get a discount code on your order! This is a SUPER LIMITED PRINT. Only 100 of these will be made! Sign up for my mailing list on the upper right side of the website here and get the info on it before anyone else does with that discount code! 

06/05/15:Clint Westwood and I are working hard on playing each other's songs! Here's a little reel of some rehearsal put together by Clint! Still booking the West Coast for Fall and Europe for November!

05/11/15: My first book just got done with copy editing and illustrations are nearly complete! Sign up for my mailing list (in the upper right side) and get a sneak peek of a few pages next month! Now booking West Coast (US) for October 2015, still booking Europe for November 2015!

02/20/2015: Now booking Europe for November 2015! If you'd like to see your buddy Ando somewhere over there, hit me up in the contact form and I'll forward it over to my pal Kurt from Roots Town Bookings in Belgium!

02/05/2015: Last month was nice and chill. I posted up a few new blogs, updated the discography and pictures section on the page. Tour announcements for 2015 coming in a month or so!

01/15/2015: Thanks for a great year, gang! Posted up a little blog. Otherwise just hanging out and scheming things for this upcoming year. Hope everyone had a safe night!

11/12/14: The 100-some day tour is FINALLY OVER! Thanks guys! We had so much fun jamming out with you all! I've got the very last of the remaining merch up at my store. Among those selections are the FINAL COPIES OF MY DEBUT RECORD. I WILL NOT BE REPRINTING IT. IF YOU'D LIKE A COPY, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! More announcements/blogs/emails/shows and all the funs to come!

09/01/14: Greetings from Grand Island, NE! Tour rages on, had a blast at all of the shows over the past month. Thanks to everyone for coming out and dancing with us! We're in the Midwest for about a month or so, check out the calendar! We'll be in your Midwest neck of the woods soon. Also, new blog! See you on the road, friends!

08/06/14: Hi, friends! Greetings from the road. Tour is going great so far. Thanks to all of you that have been coming out to shows and having rad dance parties with me and SS WEB! Tons more shows are happening yet, so keep an eye on the calendar. Oh, and I've got a new blog up about the latest book that I've been able to read in the van while SS WEB and I fight to the death every day on the highway. See you all soon for more dance parties!

07/02/14: I always forget to tell you guys stuff on this part of the page! June tour was awesome, thank you so much to all of you that were a part of it. Farmageddon Records Music Festival is in eight days. I've just started posting the July/August/September tour dates that I'll be doing with SS WEB for our split 7" release! Come out to Farmageddon Records Fest and pick yourself up a copy!

02/26/14: New video up for the pre-order of "All Aboard the Garbage Barge!" Check it out, friends!

02/12/14: Now booking US tours for June and August in the US! If you'd like me to play in your lands, hit me up on my contact form! Also, a few new blogs up.

01/20/2014: The day is here! You can pre-order your copy of my new record "All Aboard the Garbage Barge!" today from my Big Cartel store! Also, I've made a little footage reel/promo to one of the songs from the upcoming record. Enjoy!

01/10/2014: Pre-orders for my new record are being announced on Wednesday the 15th! Sign up for my mailing list (on the right side of the page) and get 10% off of your pre-order!

01/01/2014: One of my goals for this brand new year is to put more stuff up on my blog and share more music and reads with you, friends! This new blog is the first one that I've prepared about a book series that I've grown very fond of over the last couple of months. Please check it out! Hope you enjoy.

12/29/13: Pre-orders for my new record are being announced next month 01/15/14. Sign up for my mailing list and get ten percent off of your pre-order!

09/14/13: I finally uploaded the footage from Farmageddon Records Music Festival 2013! Just got back from Deep Blues NW II, Punx in the Woods VIII before that. It's been a great summer guys! Thanks for being so much fun to play for.

07/07/13: Your pal Ando is now a part time Bog Hopper! I'll be playing a few shows with those guys and girl over the Summer and Fall. I'm currently booking the Fall tour too which will cover WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO, UT, ID and MT! Message me on my contact form if there is somewhere that you would like me to play at in those states! Farmageddon Records Music Festival is in a few weeks, and Richard Dreyfest is coming up right after that! Everyone get pumped for polkas!


06/30/13: The four month tour has ended and I'm back in my beloved Seattle for the next few months! THANK YOU so much for taking such good care of me out there on the road, guys! Death Polka would not exist without you. I stopped by the Hooligan Honky Tonk Radio Hour last weekend and performed one of my brand new songs with them, and I just finished the tour documentary from my run with the Swaggerin' Growlers! Tons of projects are getting organized today and the Fall tour across the West Coast starts booking this week! Hit me up on my contact form if you'd like to see me in your neighborhood late September/part of October!



05/30/13: June tour dates (from Madison WI to Seattle WA) are updated on my tour dates, I have a new blizog up about Farmageddon Records Music Festival and I'm currently finishing up the documentary of the Swaggerin' Growlers tour. Been so busy lately but so happy. Thank you guys for all of your support this year! Can't wait to do more shows!



04/14/13: All of the tour dates where I'll be backing up the Swaggerin' Growlers on accordion from 04/15-05/18 are now posted on my tour dates section of the page. I am also currently booking a tour of solo Death Polka performances in the Midwest and Northwest for June of 2013. Hit me up on my contact form if you want some Death Polka in your neighborhood!



04/01/13: Well, that was one hell of a weekend.





03/09/13: Tour Starts next week! Check out the calendar for upcoming Death Polka shows! Also, new blizogs.








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